The Fiery One

Originally created and supplied to some of the top Pizzerias in the North West, our dough is made with only authentic ingredients and absolutely no nasty artificial preservatives or stabilisers. And whilst we’re not telling you eat pizza every day of the week, when you do have it, make it the good stuff.

We’re all about keeping it 100. 

That’s 100% authentic and 100% delicious. 

If you’re the first to reach for the chilli oil, you’ll love our chilli infused pizza dough. It packs enough of a punch that you’ll know it’s there, without ruining the party going on in your mouth.

You might have to trust us on this, but our chilli dough is the perfect pairing for a juicy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, Pepperoni and a healthy drizzle of honey.  Check out our recipes.