Smoky & Sweet Calzone

Preheat your oven to its hottest temp setting and lightly flour your work surface with semolina/plain flour (Alfresco chefs preheat to manufacturer’s guidelines). Shape dough into a rough circle on your stone/tray (if cooking indoors). Add passata to one half of your dough (ready to fold over later). Place toppings on the passata,
stacking them up evenly, layer with chilli jam to taste. Fold the untopped dough over the topped section, creating a semi-circle and pinch the edges tightly together to seal. Bake your calzone, (for alfresco chefs keep a close eye to prevent burning, indoor cooks 8-12 minutes in your oven). Serve with extra pour-over passata,
a sprinkle of torn basil, and an ice cold beer.

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