Brioche Waffle Stack

Who doesn’t want to turn their kitchen into a diner? Using our brioche dough to make waffles is a no-rise method with endless topping possibilities, you’ll never go out for brunch again!

Use ½ a ball of Brioche dough for each waffle. Simply tear in half, and flatten to the size of your waffle maker plates, place onto the griddle and press down, leaving to cook as you would usually for waffle batter. Remove from the waffle maker once the dough is golden brown and cooked through. Keep warm in a low oven until you made as many as you need.

When you’ve made as many as you need, stack and serve immediately. We’ve tried a LOT of topping combinations, but our favourites include…

Maple syrup and bacon.

Chocolate spread and sticky toffee sauce with hazelnuts and chocolate swirls with whipped cream. 

All the berries, strawberry sauce and chopped hazelnuts.