Jammy Brioche Rainbow Rolls

Need a crowd pleaser with something for everyone? Look no further, our rainbow rolls are perfect for ensuring you have a flavour choice for even the fussiest of sweet tooths.

First, defrost your dough (either overnight in the fridge, or for 3-4 hours on the worktop), leaving your dough in the wrapper. Decide which jammy fillings you would like to fill your rainbow rolls with. We love choosing 2-3 or more different colours to create a colourful and tasty bake.

Line a tin with some greaseproof paper. Unwrap your doughball and flatten out onto a dry clean board, into a rectangle shape using your hands.  Decide how many rolls you want to make, 4 large buns or 6 medium size work well.  Take a sharp knife and cut the dough into 4/6 strips along the long side of the dough, then spread each strip with your chosen jammy fillings (just like buttering toast).

Now for the fun bit! Take the end of each strip and roll up into a swirl and place onto your tray. These are likely to look a little messy. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the home baked fun! Once you’ve swirled up your buns, they will need to prove (double in size) which will take approx. 1 hour  (the time will depend on the room temp, but it usually takes around 40 mins – 1 hour for pieces this size). If you have a nice cosy spot like a shelf over a radiator, it’ll work a treat, just don’t place over a direct heat.

Once your rainbow buns have proved (you’ll know as they’ll be growing and looking deliciously puffy), give them a quick egg wash on the top. ( Or use milk if you haven’t got an egg). Bake in the oven at 160 degrees (180 degrees electric) for 18-25 minutes (or until golden brown).

Leave to cool and enjoy with a large cuppa.