Frying Pan Pizza Method

Pre heat your grill to its hottest setting, and roll or stretch your pizza dough to around 10-12 inches (this will give you a classic thin crust Neopolitan style pizza). Heat your frying pan until its screamingly hot, and then carefully lower in the pizza dough to coat the bottom (don’t use any oil or butter).

Quickly spoon on the passata, add the mozzarella and the basil leaves. With a spatula, lift the underside of the dough, checking regularly until it takes on golden crust and is cooked through. Now move to the grill to cook the top, keeping a close eye on it as it will only take a few minutes at most. When the dough starts to bubble and brown, its ready to come out.

Allow to cool for a few mins before slicing and enjoying, it will both prevent burned mouths, and also allow the toppings to ‘set’ so they don’t slide off when you bite!

Enjoy. (and post us a pic @northerndoughco)