Brioche Cinnamon Rolls

Is there anything better than a warm cinnamon roll, slathered with butter icing? A BRIOCHE cinnamon roll slathered with butter icing. Perfect for any time of day, but best accompanied with a huge brew and a blanket.

First, defrost your brioche dough (either overnight in the fridge, or for 3-4 hours on the worktop), leaving your dough in the wrapper, and line a baking tray or tin with some greaseproof paper. Whizz together your butter, cinnamon and sugar in a food processor or by hand until it’s combined and grainy and set to one side.

Unwrap your doughball and flatten out onto a dry clean board, into a rectangle shape using your hands, until its around 1cm thick. Then spread the sugary cinnamon mix all over the top of the rectangle, right to the edges.

Here comes the fun bit! Decide how many rolls you want to make, you’ll get 4 large buns or 6 medium size out of a dough ball (use both to make a sharing batch).  Take a sharp knife and cut the dough into 4/6 strips, then take the end of each strip and roll up into a swirl before placing onto your tray. Pop onto a tray with the swirl facing up (and down!) not on their sides. Placing them close to each other with a little room to grow means they’ll start to stick together as they proof creating a lovely tear and share bake.

Now they’ll need to proof (double in size) which will take 1 hour ish (the time will depend on the room temp). If you have a nice cosy spot like a shelf over a radiator, it’ll work a treat, just don’t place over a direct heat.

Once your cinnamon buns have proofed (you’ll know as they’ll have risen and look lovely and puffy), give them a quick egg (or milk) wash on the top. Bake in the oven at 160 degrees (180 degrees electric) for 18-25 minutes (or until golden brown). While the cinnamon buns are baking, you can combine the frosting ingredients in a mixer or by hand until creamy.

Leave the buns to cool a little. The baking sheet will also have lots of the gooey cinnamon sugar melted to it so you’ll want to enjoy that too! Spread the frosting on top of each bun whilst ‘just warm’ and serve immediately. These buns also stay lovely and fresh if stored in an airtight container for 2-3 days after you’ve made them (provided the buns weren’t too hot when you frosted them)! Eat one, then try and not eat the rest in one sitting (we know, it’s a tough one).